Transportation in Bhutan primarily revolves around road travel due to the country’s mountainous terrain. Understanding transportation options in Bhutan helps travelers navigate the country’s diverse landscapes and cultural attractions, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience in this Himalayan kingdom.

Here’s an overview of transportation options in Bhutan:

1. Road Transport

  • Road Network: Bhutan has a network of well-maintained roads connecting major towns and districts. However, many roads are narrow and winding, especially in mountainous areas.
  • Taxis and Private Cars: Taxis are available in urban areas like Thimphu and Paro. Private cars are often arranged through tour operators for visitors exploring the country.
  • Bus Services: Public buses operate between major towns and districts, providing an affordable means of transportation for locals. They are less frequent in remote areas.

2. Domestic Flights Airports: Bhutan has a few domestic airports, including Paro International Airport, which serves as the main gateway to the country.

  • Drukair and Bhutan Airlines: Drukair is Bhutan’s national carrier, offering flights between Paro and destinations such as Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Singapore, and Dhaka. Bhutan Airlines also operates domestic and international flights.

3. Sustainable Transportation Initiatives

Environmental Conservation: Bhutan places a strong emphasis on sustainable tourism practices, including initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and preserve its pristine natural environment for which government is promoting EV Vehicle for any commercial or private usage.


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