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Some might think Taking the first step in planning your dream trip to Bhutan — whether that’s buying a plane ticket or figuring out which places to visit— is always the hardest but Believe it or not, the process of planning a vacation to Bhutan can be an enjoyable one. You read that right!!! Just figuring out how to pull off your next getaway gives you a sense of relief and control that makes the actual trip all the more fun.

Also the team at AD Tours & Travels will extend our support for planning your trip to Bhutan to the varied level of travelers, business associates and peers at the personal level and 24X7 email and phone supported assistance and service facilitating all kinds of travel solution.

Bhutan “The Land of Thunder Dragon” Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, often known as the ‘Last Shangri-la’. From the picturesque villages to the colorful monasteries perched on cliffs, to spotting endangered black necked cranes and to soaking in the sights of the mountains splashed with rhododendron blooms, it is packed with cultural and natural treasures. Bhutan’s natural beauty and spectacular charm never fails to reward the inquisitive.

The kingdom of Bhutan today remains as one of the last unventured destinations. And Bhutan does not have traffic lights even today. That is how the Bhutanese people would like to keep it. Thus the carefully managed tourism policy of the government based on ‘High value, Low impact’, in essence: ‘take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints’.

It is no surprise that the main goal in life for Bhutanese people is happiness. Even the mandate of modern Bhutanese state is Gross National Happiness. In translation, this means that economic development, a goal for much of humanity, is only a means to the real goal of happiness. Bhutan’s Brand tagline ‘Happiness is a place’ simply assures that happiness can be found in simple things and these simple things can be found anywhere and in anything.

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