National & Traditional Sports

Bhutan, like many countries, has its own set of national and traditional sports that reflect its culture, heritage, and physical prowess. Whether it’s the precision of archery, the strength of wrestling, or the camaraderie of dart games, these sports continue to play a vital role in Bhutanese society, promoting unity, skill development, and cultural preservation.

Here are some of the notable national and traditional sports in Bhutan:

National Sports:

  1. Archery (Dha):
  1. Description: Archery is the national sport of Bhutan and holds significant cultural importance. It is not just a competitive sport but also a social and festive activity.
  2. Events: Traditional archery competitions are held during festivals (tsechus) and special occasions. Teams compete at varying distances, often accompanied by lively music and dancing.
  3. Khuru (Dart Game):
  4. Description: Khuru involves throwing darts at a small wooden target, typically played outdoors. It is a popular recreational and competitive sport, often accompanied by social gatherings and celebrations.

Traditional Sports and Activities:

  1. Degor (Traditional Wrestling):
  2. Description: Degor is a traditional form of wrestling in Bhutan, where participants engage in matches to demonstrate strength and agility. It is often part of local festivals and celebrations.
  3. Digor (Throwing the Stone):
  4. Description: Digor involves throwing a heavy stone or rock for distance, similar to the shot put in modern athletics. It tests strength and skill and is often part of traditional games during festivals.
  5. Penchu (Traditional Archery):
  6. Description: Penchu is a form of archery that involves shooting arrows at a target while balancing on one leg. It requires a high level of skill and concentration, showcasing Bhutanese archery prowess.

Modern Sporting Influence:

While traditional sports hold a special place in Bhutanese culture, modern sports such as football (soccer), basketball, and cricket have gained popularity, especially among the younger generation. These sports are played at schools, clubs, and community centers across Bhutan, contributing to a diverse sporting landscape.

Cultural Significance:

Sports in Bhutan not only promote physical fitness and skill development but also reinforce cultural identity and community cohesion. Traditional sports, in particular, preserve centuries-old customs and values while fostering social interaction and entertainment during festivals and gatherings.


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