Flora and Fauna

The raw and natural beauty of the earth characterizes much of Bhutan’s environment nestled deep within the Himalayas. Bhutan is a treasure trove of biological diversity with an unparalleled richness of flora and fauna that has been so captivating to the visitors. From the sub-tropical plains right up to the alpine highlands, Bhutan’s environment is as diverse as its culture. Today, the land of thunder dragon is one of the world’s top ten global hotspot boasting rich and varied biodiversity. The country ranks among the top ten interms of highest species density (i.e species richness per unit area) in the world, and it has the largest proportion of land under protected biological corridors with about 26.23% of the country’s area designated under national parks. More than 35% of the country’s area areunder the protection of conservation management under the Royal Government of Bhutan.Bhutan is a perfect destination for enthusiastic horticulturalists as it contains more than 60% of the common plant species mostly found in the Eastern Himalayas. It also boasts approximately 46 species of Rhododendrons and over 300 types of medicinal plants. Junipers, Magnolias, Orchids, Blue Poppies (the national flower), Edelweiss, Gentian, various medicinal herbs. Daphne, Giant Rhubarb, Pine and Oak trees are among commonly found plant species. Bhutan also holds the reputation as Bird Watcher’s Paradise. The country boasts 675 species of birds which includes the endangered black-necked crane that migrates in Bhutan during the winter..The kingdom is also home to a wide variety of animals. At higher altitudes, it hosts home for snow leopards, blue sheep, red pandas, takin, marmots and musk deer. while Leopards, gorals, gray langurs, Himalayan black bears, red pandas, sambars, wild pigs, and barking deer are found in the temperate zones. The tropical forests in the south are haven for clouded leopards, elephants, one horned Rhinoceros, water buffalos, golden langurs, gaurs, swamp deer, hog deer, horn bills, and many other species. Bhutan is home to the highest altitude inhabiting Tigers in the world and they are commonly found throughout the country.Visitors can experience the magnificent flora and fauna of Bhutan through sightseeing tours or by embarking on treks and hikes through beautiful virgin forests, pristine Himalayan Mountains and across sparkling flowing rivers fed by ancient mountain glaciers. Roads in Bhutan pass through the rich forests so that travelers can experience the majestic natural beauty of Bhutan throughout your stay.


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