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The rugged mountainous landscape of Bhutan lends well to both on-road or off-road mountain biking and the sport is gaining popularity among both visitors and Bhutanese alike. There are variety of biking routes available ranging from smooth journeys on paved roads to challenging off-road dirt trails that wind through rough terrain. The sport offers a certain intimacy with the environment that is seldom experienced in vehicles. With better roads replacing the old and also the increasing number of off-road route, biking is now becoming a very unique and original way of viewing and interacting with places, people and the Bhutanese environment.

Most biking trips go through well paved roads while others trails on to dirt roads. Traffic is still relatively very light and the experience very intimate. The trails accommodate most types of frames: including MTB, Hybrid, and Road depending on your cycling style and experiences. Biking trails mostly meander through small towns, villages with a breathtaking view and an unforgettable experience.

Here’s an overview of cycling in Bhutan:

1. Routes and Terrain

  • Varied Terrain: Bhutan offers diverse cycling terrain ranging from challenging mountain passes to gentle valleys and scenic roads.
  • Popular Routes:
    • Paro to Thimphu: A classic route passing through picturesque landscapes and cultural landmarks.
    • Bumthang Valley: Known for its beautiful scenery and historical sites.
    • Punakha Valley: Offers pleasant cycling paths amidst rice fields and traditional villages.

2. Seasons

  • Best Time: Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are ideal for cycling in Bhutan due to pleasant weather and clear skies.
  • Winter: While colder, winter (December to February) can also be enjoyable for cycling, especially in lower altitudes.

3. Cultural and Scenic Highlights

  • Dzongs and Monasteries: Biking routes often pass by Bhutan’s iconic dzongs (fortresses) and monasteries, offering opportunities for cultural exploration and photography.
  • Natural Beauty: Cyclists can enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayan mountains, lush forests, and pristine rivers along the way.

4. Cycling Tours and Services

  • Tour Operators: Local tour operators offer guided cycling tours with experienced guides/road guide, Mechanic and backup van as per the new Tourism policy of Bhutan providing insights into Bhutanese culture, history, and nature.
  • Support Services: Tours typically include accommodation, meals, vehicle support, Bike/cycle hiring, logistics and arrangements as per the Tourism policy, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

5. Challenges and Considerations

  • Altitude: Some cycling routes in Bhutan involve high altitudes, so gradual acclimatization is important, especially for those not accustomed to mountainous terrain.
  • Road Conditions: While major roads are generally well-maintained, cyclists should be prepared for occasional rough patches and unpaved sections, particularly on rural routes.

6. Permits and Regulations

  • Tourist Permit: Like all tourists, cyclists need to obtain a tourist Visa/permit  and must endorse their biking licenses with RSTA.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Bhutan promotes eco-friendly tourism practices, so cyclists should respect local customs, protect the environment, and follow designated routes.

7. Cycling Events

  • Tour of the Dragon: A challenging annual cycling race covering 268 kilometers from Bumthang to Thimphu, attracting cyclists from around the world.
  • Other Events: Smaller cycling events and tours are also organized throughout the year, providing opportunities for both competitive and recreational cyclists.

Cycling & Bikking in Bhutan offers not only physical adventure but also a cultural and scenic journey through one of the world’s most unique and pristine landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist looking for challenging mountain passes or a leisure cyclist exploring serene valleys, Bhutan provides an unforgettable experience blending nature, culture, and adventure.


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