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Welcoming you to the land of Thunder Dragon. Bhutan, a historic landmark in the beautiful Himalayas bound to cultural and traditional ethics with modern values. It is also known as the land of happiness where your happiness matters the most. Driven by modern era with the effect of globalization, Bhutan still remains to be traditional in its way of life. Since it is becoming one of the hotspot for travel destination around the globe, Bhutan is striving to give the best of its kind. Bhutan is amazingly a unique whereabouts to explore to find peace and solace in various things you can discover in our homeland.

Gateway into Bhutan, will be a memorable one with lots many things you can do here. The land riddled with many activities individual enthusiast can do, the best adventures and discoveries been waiting for you here. The mighty Himalayas are the saviors that the country remained isolated with rich heritage of culture and tradition today. The Bhutanese tradition is a way of everyday life and it’s the pride every Bhutanese holds. The exquisite mixture of colorful woven silk brocades for both male( gho) and female( kira) is a unique attire one can get to wear in a lifetime. The cultural and traditional vitality is deeply rooted starting from the dresses people wear, the dances they perform, the rituals and offerings they make, the values and respect they show and the lifestyle people live is a unique impression Bhutan possesses.

The mighty Himalayas and the lush environment are the source of inspiration for the passionate enthusiast for adventure sports. The most popular is the archery, the national sport of Bhutan. One will find this game a unique and amazing one. One can explore the every nook and corner of the country through hiking, camping, trekking, cycling and rafting. The major ones through which you can discover Bhutan at its best. The sky high mountains, winding rivers and waling in to the wood of the virgin natural forest are the challenges to hiker for a simple day hike or a rigorous one. Trekking and camping in Bhutan would be the best peaceful thing to do along with cycling that let you explore the places at its own peace.

The hills of Bhutan are mostly dotted with prayer flags and monuments signifying the important heritages of religious significance over centuries. Visit to such historic poise to offer prayers are the privileges you have. The Dzongs ( fortress) and lhakhang ( temples) are the important places that hosts festivals annually to signify various historic remarks. During such special occasion, one can wear the traditional dresses and witness the events to get blessings and see around the cultural beauty of Bhutan.

The country considered as carbon neutral is not just a name it holds. It has the greater meaning when one goes through the pristine natural environment that offers oneself to do about various kinds of activities for nature lover. One can view Bhutan through its lens in changing season to enjoy the scenic beauty around and all the other wonderful things you find here. The exotic species of flora, fauna and the bird species captivates oneself for bird watching and photography in which you will be able to get the best of images for your gallery.

While you stay here, Bhutanese dishes serve you the best and the different taste you will ever find in the world. Bhutanese dishes are traditionally prepared with simple recipes with chilies as staple food and rice everywhere. You can wander around to get the different taste of Bhutanese dishes since it serves best for both vegetarian and non vegetarian. And while you tour around the hilly winding roads, hardened cheese ( chugo) hung in various stalls can be the best snack you will enjoy munching.

Serene Peace that prevailed in Bhutan through stages of different times has been the specialty one can feel and enjoy during your stay. Away from the hustle and the bustle of mundane life, one can find solace through meditation and retreat here in the calm and peaceful environment. The natural abundance of hot spring therapy can be a healing power for various ailments. Importantly, conferences and meeting can be organized here in Bhutan in a simple manner away from the city lives giving you a peaceful and refreshing mind for any business matters that will be worth your choice.

Architectural designs are one of the beautiful historic remarks you will see throughout your stay. You can visit any of the monuments, Dzongs and Lhakhangs to grace the beauty of it. Alongside you can witness the phenomenal culture and tradition having the exquisite designs, texture and styles. Since many of the houses are of the old age traditional designs, home stay would be so great. A feeling to outlive the Bhutanese lifestyle would be a great privilege.

All in all, the above mentioned specialty about Bhutan makes it the last Shangri La. A heavenly paradise on earth where you can go about doing the most amazing adventure, sightseeing and exploring the places at one’s own peace. If you are looking for a quick escape from the mundane reality, Bhutan is the right place with all the incredible things to do where your expedition in our country would definitely be the great experience and a memorable one.

Things to Do in Bhutan

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